“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation” – Dean Kamen

Are you working on a disruptive innovation? Do you want to extend the scope of your existing products and solutions? Thanks to our unique profile combination of business consulting, technology competencies, and experience in working with startups and established organizations, we help our partners to build innovative products.

We focus our activities on collaboration along both business and technological dimensions with the innovative companies.  For years, we have gathered unique experiences with different products, business models, and innovative projects, which facilitate our Innovation-as-a-Service offer.

We work with clients to help them gain early access to the latest trends and technologies, filter and make sense of which startups and technologies could be more valuable, and help design the highest impact pilots and partnerships for their business.

Your Rewards:

  • shorter time-to-market of your innovation
  • access to experienced business and technical teams
  • professional analysis and consultancy of your business model innovation
  • single technological partner, covering all your IT product life-cycle needs
  • cutting edge technology stack, ready at your fingertips
  • agile customer development process
  • fast new product development pace

We provide the following services:

  • Research and ideation
  • incubate, accelerate and acquire to create powerful, market leading services
  • achieve commercial success through innovation
  • build collaborative working environments to explore ideas and solve complex problems
  • scale your business through joint ventures and alliances with our networks in the startup community.
  • Design thinking
  • Innovation strategy
  • Systems Design
  • Digital product strategy

As the pioneer of the lean startup movement,  SWEVEN has dedicated it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help new businesses and enterpreneurs put their money to work in the right way.


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