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SWEVEN team?

    Challenging projects
    Proactively envisioned Innovation based expertise and cross-Sector growth strategies.
    Award Winning Team
    Everyone within our team is highly motivated, driven and ambitious – they have to be!
    Lots of Learning Opportunities
    You’ll gain experience in everything from marketing, software, design, HR, Business, and more. Shortly you’ll get a chance to oversee a team, Managing own Project in new markets or helping us grow in new directions.
    Entrepreneurship Opportunities
    We have Ideas and projects for everyone, if you can handle it, you will get it.
    Future proof Environment
    We are into the future in everything. New Technologies, latest trend. Market Best Practices and always think what is Next?
    Limitless Multiplications
    Great opportunities are ahead. Start building the career you’ve always wanted.
    Flexible Working Schemes
    Work from Anywhere. Work from a coffee shop, the office or at home. We just expect you to show up for meetings and be in the office for a few hours each week.
    Social Good
    We like to be social and we believe in social good and we have an evergreen Corporate social responsibility Programs.

    As the pioneer of the lean startup movement,  SWEVEN has dedicated it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help new businesses and enterpreneurs put their money to work in the right way.


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